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  • 9W2JMW (Saturday, December 03 16 09:28 am EST)

    thx fer qso on jt65

  • Glenn Cox kc8gcr (Saturday, May 07 16 01:55 pm EDT)

    Heard you on 30 meters today and was well impressed with contacts you were making. Would like to know your equipment you are running. Have a great day and the best to you and yours

  • Ron Fitch (Sunday, April 10 16 02:19 pm EDT)

    Hello from WQ6X operating as W6J during the JIDX CW contest weekend.

  • Kevin VE6KJM (Monday, March 14 16 09:16 pm EDT)

    Sorry wrong Date Mar 14/16

  • Kevin VE6KJM (Monday, March 14 16 09:14 pm EDT)

    Just listening to Net - March 13/16

    Just in Avila Beach till 14


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