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DXLab Email Alarm


The DXLab Email Alarm can be used to notify you by email or cellphone text of a DX station being spotted on a needed band/mode.  Information on the features and how to configure the email or cellphone text notices can be found at:



SQL Templates for SpotCollector Email Alarm


File 00Template-SQL-1.txt is a template file for setting up alarms for a single callsign of a DXPedition.


File 00Template-SQL-2.txt is a template file for setting up alarms for two callsigns of a DXPeditions.



SQL Template for Single Callsign
Text document [694 Bytes]
SQL Template for Two Callsigns
Text document [1.4 KB]

Example of an Email Alarm Configuration 

This image is setup for sending txt messages to a cellphone using ATT as a service provider.  You can find out how to send text messages to you your service provider by searching the Web for the information.


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