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Filters for Contesting

The following filters were included in my SCCC email on 6 Jun 2014,  [SCCC] Skimmer Filters for N6WS-2.  


Filter out the CW Skimmers, you can use the following filter:
reject/spot 2 info wpm


Restore CW Skimmer spots use:
clear/spot 2


Filter out FT8 spots:

reject/spot 5 info FT8


Filter for Specific Skimmer modes:


reject/spot 5 not info CW


reject/spot 5 not info FT8


reject/spot 5 not info RTTY


Restore Mode spots:

clear/spot 5


Zones 1-5:
reject/spot 1 not by_zone 1,2,3,4,5

I use this one for stateside contests.

This is the default filter set on the W6KK, W6RFU, & K6SY DXSpider nodes.


Zones 1-5,14,15

reject/spot 1 not by_zone 1,2,3,4,5,14,15

I use this one in the morning for 20, 15, & 10 when there is propagation to Europe.


Zones 1-5,9,11,13
reject/spot 1 not by_zone 1,2,3,4,5,8,11,13

I use this on when there propagation is good to the SE.


Zones 1-5,24,25,30
reject/spot 1 not by_zone 1,2,3,4,5,24,25,30

I use this one when there is propagation to Asia.


Reject US and Canadian Spots
reject/spot 3 call_dxcc 197,226
I usually have this set to avoid cluttering the bandmap with US and Canadian stations.


Show only US and Cananda Spots

reject/spot 1 not call_dxcc 112,117,197,226

This filter is helpful during State QSO Parties where you want to see US and Canadian stations on your bandmap.


Clear the Zone filter by using:
clear/spot 1


Clear all filters to see everything use:
clear/spot all



Command and Filters for DXing

The following commands and filters are examples used for chasing DX.  They are applicable for DXSpider nodes using the latest version of DXSpider software.  


Command to enable spots from the Reverse Beacon Network (RBN)


This command will allow RBN spots to flow your terminal or logging program.  If you have no filters set for the spots you are receiving, you will receive worldwide spots from the RBN.  To limit the spots,  Examples of filters are listed above under Contest Filters.  


You can further limit the spots beyond the spots filtered for the spots posted by individuals, you can use the the command:

accept/rbn [0-9] <pattern>

The [0-9] lets you assign 10 different filters.

The <pattern> can be any of the filter examples listed above or:

   freq <range>           eg: 0/30000 or hf or hf/cw or 6m,4m,2m
   on <range>             same as 'freq'
   call <prefixes>        eg: G,PA,HB9
   info <string>          eg: iota or qsl
   by <prefixes>
   call_dxcc <prefixes or numbers>    eg: 61,62 (from eg: sh/pre G)
   call_itu <prefixes or numbers>     or: G,GM,GW
   call_zone <prefixes or numbers>
   call_state <states>                eg: VA,NH,RI,ME
   by_dxcc <prefixes or numbers>
   by_itu <prefixes or numbers>
   by_zone <prefixes or numbers>
   by_state <states>                eg: VA,NH,RI,ME
   origin <prefixes>
   channel <prefixes>




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