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  WSJT-X Files

WSJT-X Frequency Files

Basic Frequencies
WSJT-X basic frequency file.
File [3.0 KB]
Basic Frequencies with KH1/KH7Z Frequencies
KH1.qrg includes the basic WSJT-X frequencies with the KH1/KH7Z frequencies added.
File [3.2 KB]
Basic Frequencies with Z66X Frequencies
Z66X.qrg includes the basic WSJT-X frequencies with the Z66X frequencies added.
File [3.2 KB]

Adding KH1.qrg Files

  1. Save Z66X.qrg and BasicFreq.qrg files in:
    This step may require adding .qrg to the filename.

  2. In WSJT-X go to File-Settings-Frequencies

  3. Right-Click on the Working Frequencies frequency list

  4. Select Load by Left-Clicking on Load

  5. Select Z66X.qrg and select Open

  6. A Replace Working Frequencies dialog box will open

  7. Answer Yes

  8. At the bottom right of the Settings click on OK

To return to the basic frequencies after the DX-Pedition is over repeat the above procedure, but select the BasicFreq.qrg file.


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